Strengthening Families & Building Communities
to Protect Children

Child maltreatment impacts all of our children, families, communities and society at large.

Communities play a critical role in both protecting children and strengthening families, as well as placing them at risk. Below you will learn what the cost of child maltreatment is to every community in California and how to take action to protect kids, strengthen families, and build communities. We all have a role to play. The solutions are within our reach.

Child Maltreatment in California (2022)


Estimated Survivors, based on national estimates of child abuse prevalence.


Reported Survivors, or 0.9 every minute.


Substantiated Survivors, or 141 children each day.


Fatalities from child maltreatment.

$24.4 billion - Total economic burden incurred by California communities for the lifetime costs of survivors of child maltreatment in 2022.

2.03 million - Number of children that could be sent to preschool for that same amount.

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Childhood abuse results in a lifetime of economic effects.

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Community Protective & Risk Factors

A variety of environmental factors place children and their families at greater risk for maltreatment. Other community-level factors can help protect children. Understanding these protective and risk factors will help you advocate for solutions that work in your community.

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Take Action

Child maltreatment impacts us all.

Each community in California has a unique set of strengths that can help it prevent abuse. We believe that an effective approach to preventing abuse will:

Involve collaboration between nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and community groups

Bolster individual, family, and community protective factors, particularly for populations placed in high-risk environments

Raise awareness of the devastating personal and economic impact of abuse

Address local risk factors and root causes of child maltreatment

Activate the community to protect every child

Help us prevent abuse before it happens by sharing this website with others in your community.


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